Earning Models

Revenue Sharing

Interbet Affiliates offers a Revenue Sharing model enabling you to earn a share of up to 40% of the Net Revenue generated over the lifetime of your players. Earnings are calculated as per the following table:

The earnings are as per the following table:

Net Revenue Tier Percentage
R0 – R20,000 28%
R20,000.01 – R30,000 30%
R30,000.01 - R40,000 35%
> R40,000.01 40%

Net Revenue is defined as:

Bets Staked – Winnings – Betting fees - Non-cash promotional items - Fraud costs


CPA is offered as a one-time payment payable to the affiliate for every qualifying player. See Terms and conditions for earning details.

CPA currently isn’t offered as an earning model at Interbet Affilates, however, you may contact your account manager to discuss further if you are interested in this reward plan.

*Please note that Interbet Affiliates cannot guarantee any acceptance or agreement of CPA deals.